Controlling Status & Workflow

  • The individual status values are completely configurable within Administration, by going to the Site Configuration section, then to the Data Dictionary

    Data Dictionary Navigation
  • Select the Status list. You can add additional steps to your workflow, or remove steps that are not needed. Note that you cannot remove values from the Status list, without first removing all dependent data, such as issues that have used the value, or status change rules that have used the value.

    Status List in the Data Dictionary
  • Select the Add button on the status list page.

    Add a new status value
  • Alternatively you can Edit a status value by simply clicking on the Edit button next to a status value.

    Edit an existing status value
  • If you are utilizing multiple business areas as independent tracking systems, you can set up different lists of Status values for each business area, with some values in common, and some being unique within a business area. This is achieved with the Allowed Values function when you edit a status value, using the business area as the parent field, and Status as the child field.

    Allowed values of status
  • Within the Site Configuration administrative tab, you can enter the Status Change Rules section, and provide the valid status transitions, for each role, and for each tracking application you have configured.

    Data Dictionary Navigation

    Once configured, each user role will only see the values in the Status list at each point in your process, that are valid to transition to.
    Status Change Rules