Creating New Fields

  • To create a new User Defined Field (UDF), access Administration and the Site Configuration tab. Then click on the Data Dictionary

    Data Dictionary Navigation
  • From within the Data Dictionary, click the Add button

    Add a new field
  • Fill out the required information to add a new field, such as the title and display type, as well as add it to specific business areas if desired.

    New Field Creation

  • You can add a new field of any display type such as List, Text or User.

    Display Type Selection
  • If the field has a display type of List, Tab or Pop-up, you can provide values for the field from within the Data Dictionary, or via the List within the Data Dictionary.
  • Once your field is created, it will appear similar to the following:

    Existing Field Example

  • Once you have created the field, you should visit the Permissions tab and give the field read or write access across each user role.

    Field Permissions
  • Lastly, on each of the layouts on which you want to use the new field, edit the layout, add the field along with any attributes needed, and save each layout.