Emailing Users of Upcoming Events

The mass emailing of users with information about any topic such as upcoming system outage for maintenance may be handled via one of several mechanisms:

  • The administrative operational task named Disable and enable user access allows the administrator to communicate a message to all users when they attempt to sign on to ExtraView. However, it does not provide advance warning of such an event
  • The administrative operational task named User Account Maintenance allows the administrator to select all, or a subset, of users and send an email to all these users. The email may be a pre-built template, or may be created at the time the communication is to be sent. The users who are currently shown in the administration screen are selected for the email. This typically allows filtering by whether users are enabled or disabled, and allows the selection by one or more roles. You can also filter the users by the values in the columns displayed, for example, filtering all the users belonging to a specific company.
  • If you require a more granular and less structured way to communicate with users, you can utilize the user defined fields that are part of user administration - see Customizing User Account Details. For example, you might configure one of these fields with a title of Send Email? You may then update each user account to receive the email with a value such as YES. Lastly, you can then configure this user defined field to be placed on the main accounts screen by using the behavior setting named USER_ADMIN_DISPLAY_COLUMNS. Once the field appears on the main accounts screen, you can use this as a filter to select the users to whom you want to send the email using the method in the previous bullet.