Getting started

There are several resources available on this website that will help you get started.

With a new installation, take these initial steps:

  • Sign on the ADMIN user, click the Administration button on the top navigation bar, click on the Operational Tasks tab, click on User Account Maintenance and create your own user account, making sure you give this new account administrative privileges by checking the Administrator box within the Select user roles section
  • Create accounts for other users who will use ExtraView initially, giving them access to the role that best suits their use of the system. If you want to create additional roles at this time, look at the Administration Guide
  • If you do not want to use all the pre-configured Business Areas, click on the Administration button in the top navigation bar, click on the Site Configuration tab, and then click on Grant Security Privileges. Use the * Permissions to a group of keys * Access control to Business Areas to turn off the access to the business areas you do not want to use. You can always turn them on again later, or you can create new ones.