Layout Definition

A layout is a representation of the fields that will be displayed on input or update screen forms, or a representation of the fields on reports. Layouts can also be defined across all user roles, or can be defined separately for each user role. Also, layouts can be defined at a master level, and are then available within each subsidiary business area and /or project that is defined. This is a powerful mechanism that allows you to define a separate layout for each user role, each business area and each project. However it is more likely that you will use this mechanism to define some unique layouts with each business area, while you share other layouts across the system, or at least across a business area and its projects.

Each layout is typically a matrix showing the fields from the data dictionary that make up the layout. The layouts may also have layout cell attributes defined for different fields or combination of fields on each layout, to provide conditioning and logic. For example, you may make a field visible or invisible based on the value of another field.