This command retrieves the list of users within ExtraView.




The disabled parameter is optional. If provided, the optional values are:

Y Return disabled users as well as enabled users
N Return enabled users only. This is the default
ONLY Only return disabled users

The filter parameter is optional. This allows you to perform a wildcard pattern search for specific user records. The wildcard character is an asterisk (*) and you may have more than one of them in the pattern. For example:

*OB Return all records where the user ID ends with the letters OB. For example, this will return BOB but not ROBERT
*OB* This would return both BOB and ROBERT

The filter_type parameter is optional. If provided, the optional values are as follows. You may provide multiple filter_type parameters in a single get_users call, each with one of the three possible values.

ID This returns the User ID, from the security_user.security_user_id column of the user table
FIRST This returns the first name, from the security_user.first_name column of the user table
LAST This returns the last name, from the security_user.last_name column of the user table

The optional access_token parameter allows you to use a valid OAuth2 token obtained with the get_token command.  If you provide the access_token parameter, then the user_id and password parameters should not be provided.  This prevents the password being sent in clear text over your network connection.