Spell Checker

The ExtraView Spell Checker is an alternative to the spell checking built into most browsers.  It offers these advantages:

  • Consistency of use for all your users
  • A central dictionary with the same vocabulary for all users
  • Many languages and variants
    • US English
    • UK English
    • Canadian English
    • Australian English
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Dutch
    • English Medical Dictionary
  • The ability to add words to the central dictionaries

The dictionary is enabled with the behavior setting named ENABLE_SPELLCHECK.  When this is turned on, all text area, log area, print area and text fields are spell checked as the user types, when the user enters or modifies data within them.  You can also spell check HTML area fields, by clicking on the spell check button on the toolbar.  Spell checking as the user types is not supported in HTML Area fields.

There are occasions when you might not want to spell check a field.  For example, if the field contains an account number, or some arbitrary text that never spells a word, you might want to skip the spell check for that field.  This is achieved by adding an HTML Modifier layout cell attribute to the field on its layout within the Design Center.  The HTML Modifier is: