Cascading Style Sheets

If ExtraView Corporation is hosting your installation, you do not have direct access to the file system of the server to configure, alter or use this feature without contacting ExtraView support.

Each user can select between one of three font sizes as a personal option. These are named small, medium and large. When the user selects one of these, ExtraView loads a corresponding cascading style sheet (CSS). The style sheets installed by ExtraView are within your web server environment, defaulting to the directory named IMG_HOME/stylesheets. This contains a number of sections with font sizes and other style parameters.

If you want to create your own version of the style sheets, it is typical that you want to do this in conjunction with creating your own image set for all buttons. It is recommended that you retain the same structure of the existing image sets and stylesheets by creating a new directory and subdirectory within locales/en_US/images and copy an existing image set into this directory. You use the IMG_HOME behavior setting to point to this new directory, and then make all your changes within there. In this way future upgrades of ExtraView will not write over your files, although you may need to extend these files if new entries, images or stylesheet settings are part of the upgrade. Note that if you are using or creating localized versions of the image sets, you will need also to place the stylesheets in other locale directories. Your stylesheets/ directory must contain the following files:

File Purpose
small.css The main stylesheet when the user selects the small text personal option
medium.css The main stylesheet when the user selects the medium text personal option
large.css The main stylesheet when the user selects the large text personal option
dnd.css The style used to control the presentation of drag and drop objects
menustyle.css The style of the menu used at the top of most screens
popupwindow.css This style us used for window popups that are generated from within the browser, as opposed to being generated from the server
popupwindowsafari.css This is similar to popupwindow.css, but is only used for the Apple Safari browser
tooltip.css The style of popul tooltips that apper on many screens

Typically you will not add new or alter existing style names, but you can alter the existing styles. Also, you must be careful in altering the existing styles as some of these are used for accurate positioning or sizing of objects on ExtraView screens. As a rule of thumb, you can alter colors safely, but you should be careful about altering all other style information.

Consult a good HTML or Cascading Style Sheet manual for full details of options available to set up alternate styles.