Mobile Interface

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The mobile interface allows one or more ExtraView installations to be accessed from your mobile phone or tablet.

Installation on Apple Mobile Devices

Download and install ExtraView from the Apple App store.  There is no cost for the app.

Installation on Android Mobile Devices

Download and install ExtraView from Google Play.  There is no cost for the app.


The key features of the mobile clients are:

  • ExtraView recognizes a valid sign on from an authorized user, and will display the most appropriate screens for the device.  For example, if you sign on from a phone, layouts designed specifically for small screens will be displayed.  If you sign on from a tablet, a layout designed specifically for a medium-sized screen will be displayed, and, of course, if you sign on from a desktop computer with a browser, layouts designed for desktops will be displayed
  • Data entry screens, such as the add issue and the edit issue screen have optional features, to allow the user to page through forms that might contain many, many fields on a desktop layout.  Your administrator will have broken down the workflow into discrete steps, allowing bite-sized chunks to be handled on each small screen that is presented to the user.  The user can simply move back and forwards between these pages
  • There will typically be a customized navigation bar on a mobile installation, making it quicker and easier to reach the screen or report you wish to utilize
  • Assuming your administrator has given permission, your User ID and password that you use on the sign on screen may be stored to save you re-entering the information each time you access ExtraView
  • Users may zoom in and out of the screens to enlarge and reduce the size of the text displayed
  • ExtraView interacts with local facilities on your mobile device, such as a camera and the photo album.  You can take photographs directly from within the ExtraView app and upload them into image fields, document fields or attachments
  • From your desktop computer, you can decide which reports you want to have available on your mobile device.  There may be thousands of reports that you can run on your desktop computer, and this number would be impractical to work with on your mobile device, so there is the ability to be selective in which reports you access on your mobile device.


The following are limitations of the mobile interface to ExtraView.  Future versions will relax some of these:

  • There is no ExtraView administration support within the mobile interface
  • Uploading non-image file attachments is not supported on Apple iOS devices, because Apple mobile devices do not allow access to their file system to upload files
  • Report editors are not supported.  You should use a desktop client to create and modify reports
  • There is no Query mode with the mobile version.  However, you can use the Search navigation menu entry to query for most items and you may create reports with runtime filters to emulate much of the query functions
  • These report types are not supported, principally because they are highly interactive and there is insufficient space on a mobile screen: Calendar; Planning; Dashboard; Custom URL; Container reports
  • Quickedit on column reports and Quicklists is not supported
  • The record selector on Quicklists and column reports is not supported
  • Drilldowns on charts are not supported
  • Workspaces are not supported
  • In general, operations which require a popup window within a screen are not supported.  Where possible, the mobile device will bring up a new screen, and then return to the original screen after the operation that required a popup is complete
  • Accessing the history or audit trail of an issue is not supported
  • Date fields on add and edit screens are always presented in the medium format, with time
  • Some workflow elements such as modal popup windows are not supported.


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