ExtraView Architecture

ExtraView is a state-of-the-art, Web-based application. It is both sophisticated and easy-to-use. Its purpose and functionality are covered in the following guides:

The key architectural components are represented in the following diagram:

There is a tremendous amount of flexibility in configuring ExtraView, mostly dependent upon the size of the installation you require. At one end of the spectrum, ExtraView, Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server, Apache, Tomcat and the other components can all be installed and run on a small, single-CPU computer. This configuration can support a significant implementation, potentially with hundreds of users and thousands of records. All of these variables depend on the frequency of usage.

At the other end of the spectrum, ExtraView is capable of supporting thousands of users, with hundreds of thousands of issues, or more, in its database. The supporting hardware for an installation of this size is likely to be a large database server with multiple CPU’s, multiple application and web servers. This manual will help you make the decisions regarding your installation, and take you through the installation to a point where ExtraView is a working product, ready for customization as described in the ExtraView Administration Guide.

Basic Installation Requirements

There are a significant number of ways in which the support software for ExtraView can be configured. These changes you want may include different database configurations, different application server configurations, different web server configurations, different LDAP connections, different SSO configurations, etc. In addition you may have some special network requirements. There are more possible ways to install ExtraView than can be tested by ExtraView Corporation. If you do not want to follow the recommended methods in this guide, it is suggested that you still begin the process by installing the product in one of the documented ways as a reference site, then vary the components one-by-one until you reach the desired configuration. If this approach is not followed it may be difficult for ExtraView Corporation to support your needs.

If you require support during installation it is extremely helpful if ExtraView Corporation has direct access via a secure connection to your network. At the very least, ExtraView Corporation will need visibility of all the logs within your installation if debugging is necessary.