Note: If you are installing the downloadable version of ExtraView with the embedded Apache Derby database, you do not need to follow this process. Installation is performed by simply running the downloaded file and following the on-screen instructions.

This documentation covers the installation and configuration of ExtraView on Linux and Windows platforms. This guide will lead you through many of the design decisions that will help you size the appropriate hardware, and install supporting web and application servers. It is assumed that the reader of this manual is either familiar with the following topics or is able to follow the instructions in this guide to configure a minimum working set:

  • Installation and configuration of your operating system software, whether it be Linux or Windows
  • Installation and functionality of the Java Runtime Environment
  • Installation and configuration of the Oracle, MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server database being installed to support ExtraView
  • Installation and configuration of your web server, be it Apache, Microsoft IIS or BEA Weblogic
  • Functionality and operation of your application server software, be it Apache Tomcat or BEA WebLogic
  • If you intend to compile and build your own Apache web server, as opposed to using a pre-built version, you should be famliar with the installation and functionality of an ANSI C compiler such as the GNU C Compiler
  • Functionality of the Perl programming language (if you intend to use the ExtraView Command Line Interface)

With regard to these topics, this guide will give you only the key elements of settings essential to ExtraView. Although the guide offers significant assistance in installing and configuring many of the server and database components that support ExtraView, it is not intended that it replace the installation and configuration documentation of these components. ExtraView Corporation will help supported customers as far as it can with the installation of third-party software, but there may be occasions when you need to use the support facilities of the author of the component. ExtraView’s consulting team is available to provide assistance with any of these items. Please refer to the Installation Support section of this manual for information on how to contact ExtraView.