This function retrieves a list of available reports for a given user.



The delimiter ‘:’ in the example is the system delimiter stored in the behavior setting named DEFAULT_TEXT_REPORT_DELIMITER.

The typical use of this command is to retrieve a list of available shared and private reports, to present these as a menu and allow the user to select which report he is going to run with the run_report function.

There are two main sections returned, a list of private: and a list of public: reports

The optional access_token parameter allows you to use a valid OAuth2 token obtained with the get_token command.  If you provide the access_token parameter, then the user_id and password parameters should not be provided.  This prevents the password being sent in clear text over your network connection.

Within each of these sections, each report is shown with four values, separated by the DEFAULT_TEXT_REPORT_DELIMITER and specified as:

1. Report ID – a numeric identifier for the report

2. Title – the title of the report

3. Type – One of the following types:

Type Purpose
ADVANCED Column report with advanced filters
AGING Aging reports with standard filters
AGING_ADV Aging reports with advanced filters
CALENDAR Calendar report with standard filters
CALENDAR_ADV Calendar report with advanced filters
CHART Charts with standard filters
CHART_ADV Charts with advanced filters
CONTAINER Container reports
CUSTOMURL Custom URL report with standard filters
CUSTOMURL_ADV Custom URL report with advanced filters
DASHBOARD Dashboard report
DETAILED Detailed reports
GEOSPATIAL Geospatial reports with standard filters
GEOSPATIAL_ADV Geospatial reports with advanced filters
MATRIX Matrix report with standard filters
MATRIX_ADV Matrix report with advanced filters
PAGE_LAYOUT_CHR Page Layout chart
PAGE_LAYOUT_COL Page Layout Column report
PAGE_LAYOUT_DGB Page Layout Double Group By report
PAGE_LAYOUT_SGB Page Layout Single Group By report
PLANNING_ADV Planning report with advanced filters
QUICKLIST QuickList reports
STANDARD Column reports with standard filters
SUMMARY Summary reports with standard filters
SUMMARY_ADV Summary reports with advanced filters
TASKBOARD Taskboard reports with standard filters
TASKBOARD_ADV Taskboard reports with advanced filters
TREEGRID Treegrid reports with standard filters
TREEGRID_ADV Treegrid reports with advanced filters

Sample return from the get_reports function:

169:All Features Requests:STANDARD:That are open
94:Bugs I Fixed in January:STANDARD:Bugs not Closed Yet
99:Bugs Open By Month:CHART:For Tracker Enterprise
30:STANDARD:Estimated versus Actual Time
89:My Hot Llist:STANDARD:Priority 1 issues that are not closed
73:Open and Fixed Defects:CHART:Year to Date
114:Owners of open bugs:STANDARD:Sorted by owner
119:Report of Open issues:STANDARD:By Bill
109:Status of Bugs Reported:CHART:Over all bugs public:
144:Bug Trend Report:CHART:Open vs. Fixed Issues
391:Bugs:AGING:Aging of all bugs that are not closed
4:Bugs - Assigned to you:SUMMARY:Issues assigned by product
164:Bugs - List of Closed Issues:STANDARD:Ordered by Product
68:Bugs - No Reproducible State:STANDARD:Open Issues
386:Customer Issues:AGING:Aging of all issues
43:Customer Issues:STANDARD:New Issues By Priority
48:Customer Issues:STANDARD:Open Issues By Priority
249:Customer Issues - Time Spent:STANDARD:Items fixed
58:Feature Requests:SUMMARY: Requests By Product and Category
239:Helpdesk Issues:STANDARD:New / Open Issues Assigned to Me
234:Helpdesk Issues:ADVANCED:Open Issues
209:Knowledge Base:ADVANCED:Published Articles
214:Knowledge Base:ADVANCED:Unpublished Articles
79:My Open Issues:STANDARD:for Home Page
33:Open P1 Issues:STANDARD:All Areas - Ordered by Assigned To
3:Originated by you:SUMMARY:Issues originated by you
63:QA List - Fixed Defects:STANDARD:Ordered by Priority
84:Summary of All Issues:CHART:Chart of All Statuses
53:Summary of Open Customer Issues:SUMMARY_ADV:By Product