This action allows you to delete an existing record within ExtraView’s database. Note that you must have permission to delete records before you can execute this action. The security key that controls this is named PR_RESOLUTION.DELETE_BUTTON.

&strict=no | yes

If the issue is deleted without error, the function will return the issue number as shown below. Note that the term “Bug #” is dependent on the screen title used for the ID field in the data dictionary.

Bug # 12352 deleted.


You must provide a valid name and value pair for the ID field. The value must be an existing issue within the ExtraView database. If you do not provide this, an error message is generated.

The optional parameter strict, with a value of yes, enforces the action to operate only on ALT_ID. If there is no match for the value of the ALT_ID in the specified ID parameter, then the message Invalid Id will be returned.  This means that a matching ID value will be ignored.