This API action is a variant of the get_projects API call, which will be used for most purposes. The get_list_projects command adds the capability to execute user custom code that has been defined. The command makes a call to the 5-parameter version of frSelectListuser custom callout to allow for filtering of the project list returned to the user from the command.



To provide further refinements with this API command, it is protected by a security permission key named CF_GET_PROJECTS_API. If the user's current role does not have read permission to this key, the user custom exit will see an exception.

The value of the area_id, nn, must exist in the database, else the command will fail.

The asterisk (*) in the return shows the currently selected project.

The delimiter ‘:’ in the example is the system delimiter stored in the application default named DEFAULT_TEXT_REPORT_DELIMITER.

Sample return from the get_list_projects function:

*0:(default values)
1:Customer Projects
2:Internal Projects
4:Marketing Requirements