This function retrieves a list of available reports for a given user.



The delimiter ‘:’ in the example is the system delimiter stored in the behavior setting named DEFAULT_TEXT_REPORT_DELIMITER.

The typical use of this command is to retrieve a list of available public and private reports, to present these as a menu and allow the user to select which report he is going to run with the run_report function.

There are two main sections returned, a list of private: and a list of public: reports.

Within each of these sections, each report is shown with four values, separated by the DEFAULT_TEXT_REPORT_DELIMITER and specified as:

1. Report ID – a numeric identifier for the report

2. Title – the title of the report

3. Type – One of the following types:

Type Purpose
QUICKLIST QuickList reports
DETAILED Detailed reports
STANDARD Column reports with standard filters
ADVANCED Column reports with advanced filters
SUMMARY Summary reports with standard filters
SUMMARY_ADV Summary reports with advanced filters
CHART Charts with standard filters
CHART_ADV Charts with advanced filters
AGING Aging reports with standard filters
AGING_ADV Aging reports with advanced filters

Sample return from the get_reports function:

169:All Features Requests:STANDARD:That are open
94:Bugs I Fixed in January:STANDARD:Bugs not Closed Yet
99:Bugs Open By Month:CHART:For Tracker Enterprise
30:STANDARD:Estimated versus Actual Time
89:My Hot Llist:STANDARD:Priority 1 issues that are not closed
73:Open and Fixed Defects:CHART:Year to Date
114:Owners of open bugs:STANDARD:Sorted by owner
119:Report of Open issues:STANDARD:By Bill
109:Status of Bugs Reported:CHART:Over all bugs public:
144:Bug Trend Report:CHART:Open vs. Fixed Issues
391:Bugs:AGING:Aging of all bugs that are not closed
4:Bugs - Assigned to you:SUMMARY:Issues assigned by product
164:Bugs - List of Closed Issues:STANDARD:Ordered by Product
68:Bugs - No Reproducible State:STANDARD:Open Issues
386:Customer Issues:AGING:Aging of all issues
43:Customer Issues:STANDARD:New Issues By Priority
48:Customer Issues:STANDARD:Open Issues By Priority
249:Customer Issues - Time Spent:STANDARD:Items fixed
58:Feature Requests:SUMMARY: Requests By Product and Category
239:Helpdesk Issues:STANDARD:New / Open Issues Assigned to Me
234:Helpdesk Issues:ADVANCED:Open Issues
209:Knowledge Base:ADVANCED:Published Articles
214:Knowledge Base:ADVANCED:Unpublished Articles
79:My Open Issues:STANDARD:for Home Page
33:Open P1 Issues:STANDARD:All Areas - Ordered by Assigned To
3:Originated by you:SUMMARY:Issues originated by you
63:QA List - Fixed Defects:STANDARD:Ordered by Priority
84:Summary of All Issues:CHART:Chart of All Statuses
53:Summary of Open Customer Issues:SUMMARY_ADV:By Product