This action allows you to obtain a list of files attached to an existing record in the ExtraView database. Most importantly, you are able to get a list of the attachment ID’s, allowing you to distinguish between the files attached to an issue, for the download action.

&strict=no | yes 


The return from this command may look like this:

12-JUN-2001:index.html:804:Rather, Gary:21:The index.html as revised
14-JUN-2001:Applic.doc:28160:Koppel, Carl:38:Application notes


The delimiter is the value of the DEFAULT_TEXT_REPORT_DELIMITER in the ExtraView application defaults. The order of the fields returned is date of upload, filename, file size (in bytes), name of person who uploaded the attachment, ID of the attachment and the description.

The optional parameter strict, with a value of yes, enforces the action to operate only on ALT_ID. If there is no match for the value of the ALT_ID in the specified ID parameter, then the message Invalid Id will be returned.  This means that a matching ID value will be ignored.