Environment Variables

There are a number of environment variables that can be set in the operating system of your client computer that uses the CLI. These are described as follows:

Environment Variable Purpose
EVDEBUG This environment setting is for debugging use only. Unless recommended by ExtraView's support department, this is not normally used. When it is set to a value of 1, additional debugging statements for the CLI commands executed are echoed to the console
EVENCODE This environment variable may be used to convert values with any valid encoding, to and from UTF-8. UTF-8 is the default character set for ExtraView. If EVENCODE is set with a particular encode code, ExtraView will use EVENCODE to convert HTTP requests from EVENCODE to UTF-8 and covert all HTTP responses back from UTF-8 to the EVENCODE setting
EVHTTPTIMEOUT This may be set to the number of minutes for the CLI to wait for a return from the submission of a CLI command to the server. The default is 3 minutes.
EVJIS The purpose of this setting is to support the Japanese version of Microsoft Windows Command prompt window. The default encoding for Japanese Windows is Shift JIS. If the environment variable EVJIS has a value of 1, the ExtraView CLI will convert all HTTP requests from shift JIS to UTF-8, which is the standard character set for ExtraView. All HTTP responses received from the server are converted from UTF-8 back to Shift JIS