Adds an existing user to one or more existing user roles


evadd2group username [ role ]


username must be an existing User ID or alternative User ID within the ExtraView database. role may be either the fixed database name or the display title of an existing role. When the role is provided on the command line, the user specified in username is given permission to change roles to the new role specified. When the role is not provided, a list of available roles is displayed, and new roles may be selected from a menu. An asterisk (*) marks the roles in which username is already a member. At the prompt, "Which group", users may enter one or more numbers, indicating the new roles to be added. Multiple numbers may be separated with either white space, or a comma. The list of user roles may be displayed with the evusergroups command.


Write permission for the SE_SECURITY_GROUP security key is required to successfully run this command.


$ evadd2group bill.smith
groups: ???
 1. Administrator

*2. Development Manager
*3. Engineer
 4. Guest
 5. QA Engineer
 6. QA Manager
 7. Release Management
 8. TAC Engineer
 9. TAC Manager

10. Tech. Pubs. Manager
11. Technical Writer
Which group? 2 3
User bill.smith added to group Development Manager.
User bill.smith is already part of group Engineer.