Displays various configuration settings of the CLI Installation


evcheck [-m][-d]


This command checks that the current configuration of the CLI is able to connect to the specified server. It displays the name of the CLI configuration file, the URL of the ExtraView server, the version number and modification time of the Java API class, and the current CLI user’s username. If a .evrc file was used for authentication, the pathname of that file will also be displayed.


If the -m option is used, evmail settings are also displayed. If the -d option is used, warning messages are displayed when fields in the data dictionary have the same display title as other fields with different names. These messages are informational only, and do not necessarily indicate an error.


$ evcheck
config file: /home/bill/evj52_evcli/evcli/evconfig.txt
server: http://avalon.extraview.net/exp/ExtraView/ev_api.action
evapi version: 15
modtime: 8/05/04 11:33a
user: bill.smith - from /home/bill/.evrc
delimiter: :