Get a copy of an existing issue attachment from the server


evdownload [[-d] [-r] | -a] ID filename [newfilename|-] | [[-d] -B idfile]


This command allows users to download a local copy of an attachment from the server.

The ID must be a valid issue ID, and the issue must have one or more attachments available to download.

The -d option displays just the filenames of the files attached to the issue ID.

The -r option displays this same information in raw format, plus an additional field (the Attachment ID), in a colon-separated list, containing one attachment per line, without a column header line. The fields are also returned in a different order.

The -a option downloads all the attachments for the specified ID.

The -B idfile option allows the user to create a file of issue ID's, with one ID per line, and all the attachments for all the issue ID's are downloaded.

filename must be the file name of an existing attachment stored within the issue # ID

If newfilename is specified, the attachment will be saved with this new name, instead of saving it with it’s original name, filename.

If a minus character (-) is specified as the final command line option, the attachment will be printed on standard out, instead of saving it to a local file. This is typically used for text that you want to display on your terminal.

If more than one attachment exists with the name, filename, a table will be displayed with the file descriptions, file sizes, dates, and owners, of all instances of filename, and the user is asked to choose which file to download.


A complete list of attachments for any issue can be displayed with the evfiles command.


$ evdownload 12345
abc.xls newname.xls