Displays a set of field values for one issue


evgetfields ID field1 [ field2 ... ... fieldn ]


ID must be a valid issue number

fieldn must be a fixed database name to which the user has read or write access.

This command displays a specific set of field values for an existing issue, one field per line. If a multi-line field is requested, the second and subsequent lines will be indented by two spaces. Neither fixed database names nor display titles are printed, only the field values. If a field has no value assigned, a blank line is printed.

This command is not limited to only accessing fields on the Detailed Report layout for the user's current Business Area and Project, as is the case with the evget command. This command will display the value of any field for which the user has read permissions.


evfields generates a list of valid fields that can be used with this command.


$ evgetfields 10200 status priority description
Round corners, square edges, measure once