Display on-line help for a command


evhelp [-l | <command>]


This command will display on-line help for any CLI command, and for a small set of additional subsections.

-l only displays a list of the available commands.

<command> displays the on-line help for <command>. This is the same information that is printed when using the -H option with all CLI commands. <command> may also be the name of one of the subsections described by evhelp -H.


$ evhelp evgetfields
This command provides the values for specific fields enumerated in a list, for an existing problem in the ExtraView database.
Syntax: evgetfields ID field1 field2 ... ... fieldn
* The ID must exist in the ExtraView database.
* Each field in the list must exist.
* The command evfields generates a list of valid fields that can be used with this command.
The following example retrieves the status, priority and description for a problem.
$ evgetfields 12345 status priority description
This problem can be seen when you set the control to setting A.

If the query returns a null value for a field, there will be an empty line in the output.