This command enables the user to import a tab-delimited Japanese language text file from which records can be parsed and added to the database.


evimportJIS [-c][-u][-d] file.txt fields.txt


Reads in a Shift JIS text file composed of tab delimited fields. This file is typically composed by saving a spreadsheet in a tab-delimited format from a Japanese OS or computer and saving the .txt file on that computer. It may be imported from an English OS computer once it is saved from a Japanese OS.

The tab-separated rows in the file are read and an issue record is created within ExtraView for each row. If a line contains only __END__ all lines after it are ignored.

This allows for storing titles and other values without affecting the running of the command. Blank lines and those beginning with a hash mark (#) are ignored.

If a title in the first line begins with an asterisk (*), that column is skipped entirely. This is useful in case the original file has additional columns of data irrelevant to the import.

The -c option is a check option that allows the file to be checked for integrity, without adding the records to the database.

The -u option presents a list of titles to the user and asks which ones you wish to find unique fields for. Then the file is parsed in its entirety. The parser will search for uniquely occurring values within the requested fields. This is useful for preparing ExtraView meta-data before doing the actual import.

The -d option allows the user to debug the file being imported. It will display messages when an error is encountered from within the API.