Formats the XML output of a CLI command to become readable text


evxmlc [-i] [-t] [-f filename] [-s] [-c field1, field2, ... ... fieldn]


This command formats the XML output of a CLI command into either a tab-delimited report, or a columnar report. If a specific list of fields is not provided with the -c option, all field data sent to evxmlc will be output.


-i outputs fixed database names, instead of display titles
-t causes fields names and data to be separated by a tab character, instead of spaces
-f filename specifies the name of the file containing the XML to be formatted
-s removes non-printable characters and character sequences from the output
-c field1[([-]nn)], field2[([-]nn)], ... .... fieldn[([-]nn)] specifies the list of fields to be output. Field names must be identified using fixed database names. Field widths may be specified by including a numeric value enclosed in parenthesis immediately after the field name. Additionally, if the field width is preceded by a minus sign, the data will be left justified. Without a minus sign, the data will be right justified.