Email Notifications

ExtraView provides a number of powerful email notification features. As a general default, ExtraView sends email to:

  • The person who Originated an issue
  • The person who is Assigned To the issue
  • The person who is selected to be the Owner of the issue
  • Any other person whose name appears on the issue screen in a list field

When you observe email notification received in HTML format (the default), the fields within the notification is color coded.   Unless your administrator has changed the defaults, the colors signify the following:

Black This signifies that the value of the field that did not change when the issue was updated
Red This signifies that the value in the field has altered in the update to the issue.  Observe that in a newly recorded issue, all the fields will be colored in red
Green This signifies that the value has changed in the last update to the issue
Grey The value was deleted in the last update to the issue

Note: Rich text HTML Area fields are not colored witihn any notification.  This is because they are rendered exactly as the text within the field is colored.  This might include any number of colors within a single field.

A number of the email functions are accessible only by those users who have administration privileges. These include enabling/disabling email notification system-wide, disabling notification by User Role, and some of the Interest list functions. For example, only administration users can setup and manage product interest lists and field or metadata specific interest lists. Despite these restrictions, however, regular users also have a number of different options. The email functions that can be controlled by the individual user are detailed below.