Date Fields as Filters

When you use a field with a display type of date as a query filter, ExtraView will assume that the date has a time of midnight of the day selected. Your filter is set at the beginning of the day, not at the end. This may have an effect on the results within your report. At the same time, you should remember that this time is midnight for your own time zone. If different users have created and updated issues in different time zones, it is entirely possible (indeed probable) that the list of issues created or updated within your day is different than the list of issues created or updated within a different user’s time zone.

Also note that if the date format stored within your user settings includes a time component (e.g. if you set Medium with Time), then you may see the time component of the date as you create a report or chart, if you use the pop-up calendar. However, the time will not be used when the report is run, or when you save the report.

Simple Arithmetic with Date Field Filters

It is often very useful to prepare reports for periods such as the last week, the last thirty days, or similar. To facilitate this, both date and day display type fields being used as report filters can utilize simple arithmetic. For example, you might want to prepare a report on all the issues created in the last week. To facilitate this, you would set up an advanced filter like so:

DATE_CREATED between $$SYSDAY$$ - 7 and $$SYSDAY$$

This works equally well using $$SYSDATE$$.

Only simple addition and subtraction work with this capability.