Salesforce Configuration

Salesforce Account

Create a new user account in your Salesforce site that will be used by the ExtraView integration daemon to communicate with the Salesforce system. Configure this new user with appropriate permissions to access the objects that will be replicated by the integration. For example, the user account can have the Standard User profile setting.

Security Token

In order to access the Salesforce API, the integration daemon needs to use a security token along with the username and password credentials created above. The security token for your Salesforce site is normally sent by email to the main account holder when creating the new Salesforce account, but it can also be reset. To reset the security token, click Setup link at the top, then My Personal Information, then Reset Security Token, and click the Reset Security Token button. The new security token is sent via email to the email address on your Salesforce user record.

Integration Fields

The integration daemon requires the use of two custom fields for normal operation: EVID, to hold the ExtraView record ID, and EV_URL, to hold the URL link to the ExtraView record; both of these fields are automatically populated by the integration daemon.

The following settings are recommended for the two mandatory custom fields:

Field Label Field Name Data Type (Length)
ExtraView ID EVID Text (50)