ExtraView Functional Highlights

Tracking and reporting is the heart of ExtraView’s user functionality. The following list highlights some of ExtraView’s most important tracking and reporting features. Note that not all of these functions may be available to every user, as the ExtraView administrator is able to precisely control which features each user has the ability to access.

  • Simple, flexible, and customizable Web-based interface
  • Unlimited scalability of the number of issues, customer support and other issues, user roles, users, fields, business rules, reports, and attachments
  • Ability to split issues into multiple parts for individual tracking
  • Ability to group related issues together, either within a single tracking area, or across multiple tracking areas
  • Perform mass updates to the entire group of issues
  • Automatic email notifications containing customized content
  • Threaded email discussions of issues
  • Ability to impose business rules and processes on the issues you enter as they move from initiation to closure
  • Dynamic interest lists to notify users of changes to cases and specific events
  • Ability to perform queries with either simple or complex filters
  • Produce custom statistical and summary reports from any Web browser, and export to PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, or text
  • Charting of results
  • Complete audit trails on all updates and workflow transitions with analytical, statistical, summary, and historical issue-change reporting
  • Ability to keep cases private for specific groups of users or publish to a larger community
  • Integrated knowledge base
  • Quick data entry using pre-defined forms
  • In-depth detailed reporting at any drill-down level, including the ability to design reports that are available system-wide or only for your own use
  • Ability to share filtered data with customers