Administration Guide

The ExtraView Administrator’s Guide is designed to give users of the ExtraView web-based business issue tracking system the knowledge and proficiency needed to accomplish two general goals:

  1. Customize ExtraView to conform to their company’s workflow processes, business rules, and inter-organizational vocabulary, with all the appropriate data fields and security privileges that are required.
  2. Give Administrators the ability to successfully administer ExtraView on an ongoing basis in order to efficiently respond to user inquiries, concerns, and requests.

In writing this guide, we anticipate that the reader is at least somewhat familiar with many of the standard issue tracking and business management functions found in ExtraView. Accordingly, this guide will assume this familiarity, and will focus on describing the administrative functions of ExtraView.

Downloadable PDF

This Administration Guide is downloadable as a single PDF by clicking here. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this.