Installation & Upgrade Guide

The Installation & Upgrade Guide provides instructions to create new installations of the ExtraView web-based issue tracking system.

If you are installing the downloadable version with the embedded Apache Derby database and you want some technical details of the installation, click here.

As the reader, you should be familiar with the concepts of web-based systems, servers and databases. You should consult the installation manufacturer's documentation for the non-ExtraView components. This guide will take you through the additional information you need to tailor the installation of these to optimize their performance with ExtraView as well as detail how to install ExtraView itself. The key sections are:

  • Database Software
  • Java
  • Application Server
  • Web Server
  • ExtraView Servlet
  • Command Line Interface

Upgrade Preparation

  • Ensure you take a backup of your entire ExtraView installation before beginning the upgrade process. This backup should include the database, the ExtraView application and configuration files

  • In order to Upgrade your existing ExtraView application, you must have a valid support contract, and your application must have a valid license. To check the status of your license key, follow the steps outlined here. If your application license key has expired, or will expire during the course of your upgrade and testing, please contact Support to get a new license key, prior to beginning the upgrade process.

  • The default language and region of your installation should be en and US while performing an upgrade. This is because the upgrade needs to assume a specific language for the import of new system messages. Change the DEFAULT_LANGUAGE and DEFAULT_REGION behavior settings before performing the upgrade, then change them back to your original settings once the upgrade is complete. Note these settings are case sensitive
  • If support software, or the database version are to be upgraded as part of the process, make sure you have downloaded and have available all the necessary components before beginning the upgrade.

Downloadable PDF

The Installation & Upgrade Guide is downloadable as a single PDF by clicking here. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this.