Version Limitations

The 3 ExtraView versions have increasing levels of features and sophistication as shown in the following table.  There are no limitations in the Enterprise version.

  Feature Standard Professional Enterprise
  Number of Business Areas supported 1 3 Unlimited
  Number of Projects supported 1 2 per Area Unlimited
  Number of user roles 3 5 Unlimited
  Number of user-defined fields 25 150 Unlimited
  Number of public reports 5 15 Unlimited
  Number of private reports 5 per user 10 per user Unlimited
  Total number of issues in database 5,000 15,000 Unlimited
  Support for multiple languages No No Yes
  Support for multiple time zones No No Yes
  Support fo repeating rows No Yes Yes
  Support for relationships No No Yes
  Workspaces No No Yes
  LDAP connections No Yes Yes
  SSO connections No No Yes
  RESTful API No No Yes
  Command Line Interface No No Yes
  Web Services Interface No No Yes
  Custom Programming Interfaces No No Yes
  Interfaces to 3rd party products No No Yes
User-Defined Field Types      
  Checkbox No No Yes
  Currency No No Yes
  Custom No Yes Yes
  Date Yes Yes Yes
  Day No No Yes
  Decimal No Yes Yes
  Document No No Yes
  HTML No Yes Yes
  Image No No Yes
  Label No Yes Yes
  List Yes Yes Yes
  Log Area Yes Yes Yes
  Number No Yes Yes
  Popup No No Yes
  Print Text No No Yes
  Radio Button No No Yes
  Tab No Yes Yes
  Text Area Yes Yes Yes
  Text Yes Yes Yes
  User No Yes Yes
Reporting Features      
  Column Reports Yes Yes Yes
  Summary Reports Yes Yes Yes
  Matrix Reports Yes Yes Yes
  Charts No Yes Yes
  Dashboard Reports No Yes Yes
  Calendar Reports No Yes Yes
  Aging Reports No No Yes
  Taskboard Reports No No Yes
  Planning Reports No No Yes
  Container Reports No No Yes
  Custom URL Reports No No Yes
Administrative Capabilities      
  User Account Maintenance Yes Yes Yes
  Manage List Values Yes Yes Yes
  Email Templates Yes Yes Yes
  Task Manager Yes Yes Yes
  Design Center Yes Yes Yes
  Data Dictionary Yes Yes Yes
  Behavior Settings Yes Yes Yes
  User Sign On Log No No Yes
  System Log No No Yes
  End-User Session Management No No Yes
  Disable and Enable User Access No No Yes
  Manage Scheduled Reports No No Yes
  Administrative Report Management No No Yes
  Manage User Groups No No Yes
  Interest Lists No No Yes
  Escalation No No Yes
  Business Calendars No No Yes
  Business Rules No No Yes
  Security Permissions No Limited Yes
  Allowed Values No Yes Yes
  Layout Types No No Yes
  Status Change Rules No No Yes
  Relationship Group Maintenance No No Yes
  Service Level Agreement Maintenance No No Yes
  Reporting Hierarchies No No Yes
  Privacy Groups No No Yes
  User Role Maintenance Yes Yes Yes
  Adobe PDF Report Mapping No No Yes
  Navigation Bar Maintenance Yes Yes Yes
  Sign On Message Yes Yes Yes
  Upload Company Logo Yes Yes Yes
  User Interface Themes No Yes Yes
  Metadata Import / Export No No Yes
  File Import - Issue Data No Yes Yes
  File Import - User Information No No Yes
  File Import - Data Dictionary No No Yes
  Allowed Locale Maintenance No No Yes
  Message Translation No No Yes
  Server Side Templates No No Yes
  Admin Statistics Yes Yes Yes
  System Log Type Maintenance No No Yes
  Start Page Maintenance No No Yes
  Pre-cache Layouts No No Yes
  Edit Administration Tab Labels No No Yes
  Encryption Key Management No No Yes