Application Programming Interface

This documentation covers the functionality of the ExtraView Programming Interface (CLI ). This is a REpresentational State Transfer (RESTful) API This document is intended for the experienced computer user who has a good understanding of either the UNIX, Linux, or Microsoft Windows environments from which they will use the Application Programming Interface (API). To take maximum advantage of the features offered by the API, knowledge of web-based technologies are helpful. If you intend to modify the behavior of ExtraView with user custom programming, you will need to be skilled in coding with the Java language. In addition, ExtraView administration skills are required to configure many of the functions offered.

Downloadable PDF

The Application Programming Interface Guide is downloadable as a single PDF by clicking here. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this.

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The key features of the RESTful API are:

  • Insert, update and delete records in the ExtraView database from remote applications
  • Search the ExtraView database and return a set of records defined in a query
  • Export information from the ExtraView database for input to a data warehouse
  • Upload and download file attachments to and from the ExtraView database
  • Provide limited administration access to create metadata and to manage user accounts
  • Show the names of fields within the ExtraView database to which the user has access