Display a list of all data dictionary fields and their title


evfields [-r | -g]


This command displays a list of all fields in the ExtraView. The field names are displayed in two columns. The first column is the field’s fixed database name, the second column is the field’s display title. The field names are alphabetized by display titles.
When the -r option is used, the fixed database names and display titles are separated by a colon instead of a tab, and the list is not alphabetized. Additionally, one or more characters may precede the field name with their meaning as follows:

Character Meaning
* This indicates the field can span multiple lines when being input
~ This indicates that the field is a member of a repeating record
% This indicates that the field has a display type of user
^ This indicates that the field supports multiple values
+ This is a field with a display type of multi-value list

The -g option generates two identical files named get.txt and search.txt, which may be used by the evget and evsearch commands, respectively. These files are saved in the directory where the CLI commands are stored, if the user has write access to that directory.

If the user does not have write access to that directory, the files are saved in the users home directory as defined by the environment variable, $HOME. The -g option will be ignored if the -r option is used.

These files contain only the fixed database names, and names are not capitalized in these files. This does not have any functional effect; it is just a different format. The last line of these two files is a line containing, __END__. When evget or evsearch read these files, they will ignore this line and anything after it.


This command displays field names independent of any layouts. As such, the concept of required fields does not exist in this command. To see which commands are required on the add screen or edit screen, use the command evaddlist –r or eveditlist –r, respectively, and look for lines beginning with a plus sign (+).


$ evfields
user * Current User Name *
active Active
alt_id Alt ID
assigned_to Assigned To
attach_content_type Attachment Content Type
attach_created_by_user Attachment Created By
attach_date_created Attachment Date Created
attach_file_desc Attachment File Description
attach_file_name Attachment File Name
attach_file_size Attachment File Size
attachment_id Attachment ID
attach_path Attachment Path
attachment Attachments
area Business Area
cc_email CC Email
category Category
last_change_user Changed by
date_code_freeze Code Freeze
release_fixed Committed Release
company_name Company
contact Contact
start_date Created Start Date
stop_date Created Stop Date
sysdate Current Date
sysday Current date at midnight
custom_email Custom Email
customer Customer
date_closed Date Closed
date_created_trunc Date Created
date_created Date Created
date_last_status_change Date of Last Status Change
date_created_day Day Created
timestamp_day Day Last Updated
days_open Days Open
date_closed_since Days Since Closed
date_created_since Days Since Created
date_last_status_change_since Days Since Last Status Change
timestamp_since Days Since Last Updated
days_in_status Days in Status
problem_release_delete Delete
description Description
document_impact Documentation Impact
release_directory Download File Directory
due_date Due by
email E-Mail Address
email_address Email Address
administration ExtraView Administration
search_report ExtraView Search / Report
sign_on ExtraView User Sign On
add_problem Extraview Add Issue
file_size File Size
filter_child_values Filter Children
date_first_customer_ship First Customer Shipment
generate_email Generate Email
severity_level High
product_name_hist Historical Product Reference
release_found_hist Historical Release Reference
status_hist Historical Status
item_id ID #
id ID #
comments Internal Comments
problem_release_id Internally used Id in the problem_release_view
problem Issue
problem_summary_edit Issue Summary Edit
keyword Keywords
timestamp Last Modified
timestamp_trunc Last Modified
layout Layout
layout_type Layout Type
mailing_list Mailing List
module_id Module
module_name Module
module_title Module
module_assigned Module Assigned
module_date_created Module Date Created
module_product Module Product
module_status Module Status
module_timestamp Module Timestamp
module_type Module Type
date_created_month Month Created
timestamp_month Month Last Modified
months_open Months Open
months_in_status Months in Status
add_problem_summary New Issue Summary
open_assigned_to Open Status Assigned To
open_originator Open Status Originator
open_owner Open Status Owner
originator Originator
owner Owner
parent_id Parent ID
priority Priority
privacy Privacy
product_name Product
product_line Product Line
project Project
quick_list Quick List
date_release_to_qa RQA
page_size Records per Page
relationship_group Relationship Group
relationship_group_id Relationship Group
relationship_group_link Relationship Group Link
relationship_group_owner Relationship Group Owner
relationship_grp_parent_id Relationship Group Parent Problem ID #
relationship_group_title Relationship Group Title
relationship_group_type Relationship Group Type
release Release
release_assigned_to Release Assigned To
release_date_created Release Date Created
release_doc_filename Release File
dev_release_found Release Found
dev_release_notes Release Notes
release_owner Release Owner
release_priority Release Priority
release_product Release Product
release_resolution Release Resolution
release_severity Release Severity
release_status Release Status
release_type Release Type
report Report By
report_by Report By
report_output Report Output
report_type Report Type
release_found Requested Release
resolution Resolution
similar_search Search
for Similar
sort Sort By
report_name Sort Order
spell_check Spell Check
status_change State Change Rules
status Status
system_log_type System Log Types
security_permission System Object Access
security_keys System Security Object Summary
short_descr Title
start_update Updated Start Date
stop_update Updated Stop Date
user_accounts User Accounts Summary
udf User Defined Fields
security_group User Groups Summary
module_version Version
date_created_week Week Created
timestamp_week Week Last Modified
weeks_open Weeks Open
weeks_in_status Weeks in Status
date_created_year Year Date Created
timestamp_year Year Timestamp
home_page ExtraView Home Page