Outputs a list of ExtraView users


evusers [-r]

evusers -s

evusers [-r] [-l] [-m 1|2] [-s filters]


This command outputs a list of ExtraView users to the console. The list appears in the following format:

user id, first name, last name

The -r option provides the list in a raw format, using the system delimiter between the values in the following way:


The -s option restricts the output of records that match the wildcard pattern supplied in <format>. For example:

evusers -s "id=%OB%"

will output only names which contain the character pattern OB, such as BOB and ROBERT

The -m 1|2 option will provide role information about the users.

  • If -m 1 specified, the command returns the user's current role –

    USERID : First Name : Last Name : Current Role

  • If -m 2 is specified, the command returns a delimited list of all roles –

    USERID : First Name : Last Name : Current Role : Second Role : Third Role : ......

  • The -l option displays the alternate User ID


$ evusers
User ID First Name Last Name
------- ---------- ---------
SYSTEM Super User
ADMIN System Administrator
GUEST Guest User
DEV Jim Developer
TEST George Test
QA Alison Tester
IT Internal IS Support
CSR Customer Support Rep
EVP4D ExtraView Perforce Daemon
DHOYDIC David Hoydic
SHOYDIC steven hoydic
GRANT Grant Gongaware