Display file attachment information for a given Issue ID


evfiles [-r] ID


This command displays a tab-formatted table, with column headers, containing a set of metadata for every file attached to the specified issue. This metadata includes Attachment Created date, Attachment File Size, Attachment Created By, Attachment File Name, and the Attachment File Description.

The ID must be a valid issue ID.

The -r option displays this same information, plus an additional field (the Attachment ID), in a colon-separated list, containing one attachment per line, without a column header line. The fields are also returned in a different order:

Created date:File name:File size:Created by:Attachment ID:File Description


$ evfiles 12345
Created File Size Owner Name Description
======= ========= ===== ==== ===========
01-Jan-2001 1.2MB jstorr spec.xls New GUI layout
07-Feb-2001 3KB mdrewar listbutton.gif New button