The HTML Area Utility

The HTML Area is available to as an editor for HTML, allowing you to create HTML without knowing the HTML code set. It offers many features similar to a word processor, and allows you to switch to directly edit HTML.

By default, the toolbar for HMTL Area fields look like the following screenshot, but your administrator may have configured the buttons in a different way. Note that not all buttons work within all browsers.

The HTML Area utility makes use of scripts that run within the browser, and according to the security settings of the browser, the user may need to acknowledge that it is OK to run these scripts.

Its use is intuitive, but is explained here for fullness.

Button Function

Choose from the list of available fonts. This list can be customized by the administrator
Choose from the list of font sizes
Toggle bold on and off for the selected text
Toggle italic on and off for the selected text
Toggle underline on and off for the selected text
Left justify the selected text
Center the selected text
Right justify the selected text
Toggle a numbered list on and off
Toggle a bulleted list on and off
Outdent the selected text
Indent the selected text
Choose the color of the selected text
Choose the background color of the selected text
Insert a horizontal rule
Create a link for the selected text
Insert a link to an image (note that the image must be available to the server)
Insert a table of a defined size
Toggle between the HTML editing mode and the text editing mode
Preview the content of the editor area in a new browser window
Copies the text to the clipboard
Pastes from the clipboard into the current position of the cursor in the window
Cuts the selected area from the editor window
Maximizes the size of the editor window to the full page
Save the editor content to a file
Selects all the text in the editor
Fetches a special character from a popup window