LinkedIn Integration Configuration

After the Integration Setup steps have been completed, your ExtraView site needs to be configured to utilize the functionality provided by the LinkedIn integration. The following instructions guide you in the mandatory and optional configuration steps for this purpose.

Required Fields

The LinkedIn integration depends on the following fields for normal operation. The field name and display type must configured as indicated below; the title and other attributes can be configured as desired. Some fields are for member profile and others are for company profile display; you may choose to use all fields or just the fields for the member profile or company profile display.

Name Title Display Type Purpose
LINKEDIN_FIRST_NAME First Name Text Field Search for member profile; store member's first name
LINKEDIN_LAST_NAME Last Name Text Field Search for member profile; store member's last name
LINKEDIN_KEYWORDS Keywords Text Field Search for member profile
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_URL Profile URL Text Field Store member's profile URL for automatic loading of member profile
LINKEDIN_PROFILE   Custom Display of member profile
LINKEDIN_COMPANY_NAME Company Name Text Field Search for member or company profile; store company's name
LINKEDIN_COMPANY_ID Company ID Text Field Store company's ID for automatic loading of company profile
LINKEDIN_COMPANY_PROFILE   Custom Display of company profile


Note: For ease of searching and improving search results, business rules can be written to automatically populate the First Name, Last Name, and Company Name fields based on existing fields on the record or the current user.

Layout Configuration

Add the integration required fields to the Add and/or Edit screens, or embedded layouts. You may choose to use all fields, or just the member profile or company profile fields.

The LINKEDIN_PROFILE and LINKEDIN_COMPANY_PROFILE fields support the HEIGHT and SIZE (for width) layout cell attributes to control the dimensions of the profile content. The default height and width of the profile content is 60 and 550, respectively, in pixels. However, note that the height of the field is automatically re-sized to 250 pixels upon search and select operations.

The LINKEDIN_PROFILE_URL and LINKEDIN_COMPANY_ID fields may be hidden from view (since they are not meant for user input) with the following layout cell attributes:

Attribute Type Value Purpose
LABEL TAG style='display:none' Hide the title of the field
STYLE display:none Hide the value of the field

The following screenshot illustrates how the integration required fields are configured on a layout:

Design center Add Issue Layout

LinkedIn Plugin

The member profile and company profile content displayed in the LINKEDIN_PROFILE and LINKEDIN_COMPANY_PROFILE fields, respectively, can be displayed using the LinkedIn plugins Full Member Profile and Company Profile. This functionality is available without any further configuration work. The following screenshots show how the member profile and company profile content is displayed in ExtraView by the LinkedIn plugins:

LinkedIn member plugin

LinkedIn company plugin

Profile Layouts

Member profile and company profile information can be displayed using separate layouts configured with only the specific fields desired, as opposed to the information displayed by the LinkedIn plugins, which are not configurable. The following layout types must be created to support this profile layout method:

Name Title Usage Purpose
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_LAYOUT LinkedIn Profile Layout Screen Display of member profile
LINKEDIN_COMPANY_LAYOUT LinkedIn Company Layout Screen Display of company profile

These layout types are directly related to the LINKEDIN_PROFILE and LINKEDIN_COMPANY_PROFILE required integration fields created above. The LINKEDIN_PROFILE custom field is rendered on the Add and Edit screens based to the layout created with LINKEDIN_PROFILE_LAYOUT layout type. Similarly, the LINKEDIN_COMPANY_PROFILE custom field is rendered based on the layout of LINKEDIN_COMPANY_LAYOUT layout type.

LinkedIn member profile generated

LinkedIn company profile generated

Next, add new layouts based on the layout types created above, and configure the new layouts with any of the following supported fields (which must also be created). Note that the specific fields listed below are only supported for the layout types indicated! For documentation brevity, all the profile supported fields are of display type Custom.

The custom profile fields support the following layout cell attributes only: ALTERNATE FIELD TITLE, STYLE, LABEL TAG, and VALUE TAG. Also column and row span is supported to a limited extent (with no gaps or empty cells).

For aesthetic purposes, the following layout cell attributes are recommended for all profile fields:

Attribute Type Value Purpose
LABEL TAG style='color:#747474' Enhance the color of the field title
STYLE color:#555555 Enhance the color of the field value

Member Profile Fields

The following fields are supported on the layout created based on the LINKEDIN_PROFILE_LAYOUT layout type:

Name Title Purpose
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_PICTURE   Member's profile picture
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_HEADER Name Member's formatted name, degree distance, vCard link, headline, and location name
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_CURRENT Current List of member's current positions (up to three)
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_PAST Past List of member's previous positions (up to three)
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_EDUCATION Education List of member's education, including school name, field of study, start and end dates, degree, activities, notes
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_SUMMARY Summary Text description of member's profile
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_SPECIALTIES Specialties Text description of member's specialties
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_SKILLS Skills List of skills member has
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_INDUSTRY Industry Industry member belongs to
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_NETWORK Network Network member belongs to
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_CONNECTIONS Connections Number of connections member has (note: connections list is not available)
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_RECOMMENDS Recommendations Number of recommendations member has, including type and recommender
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_LANGUAGES Languages List of languages member knows
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_ADDRESS Address Member's main address
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_DOB Birth Date Member's birth date
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_PHONES Phones List of phone numbers for member
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_ASSOCIATIONS Associations Text description of member's associations
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_GROUPS Groups List of groups followed by the member
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_HONORS Honors Text description of honors member has
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_INTERESTS Interests Text description of member's interests
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_PUBLICATIONS Publications List of publications authored by member, including link to publication, publisher name, date, authors, and summary
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_UPDATES Network Updates List of recent updates for member's profile, such as connection updates, profile changes, joining groups, etc. Not all updates are supported. (Note: This field invokes an additional call to LinkedIn servers.)
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_POSITIONS Positions List of all positions the member has had, including title, company (name, type, size, industry, ticker), start and end dates, and summary

The following screenshot shows a layout created based on the LINKEDIN_PROFILE_LAYOUT layout type with some of the member profile fields configured:

ExtraView Design Center

Company Profile Fields

The following fields are supported on the layout created based on the LINKEDIN_COMPANY_LAYOUT layout type:

Name Title Purpose
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_WEBSITE_URL Website Company website address
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_EMP_COUNT Employees Number of employees at company, represented as a range
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_DESCRIPTION Description Text description of company
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_LOCATIONS Locations List of addresses and phone numbers for company
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_COMPANY_TYPE Type Type of company, such as public, private, government, etc.
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_INDUSTRY Industry Industry associated with company
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_STOCK_EXCH Stock Exchange The stock exchange the company is in (for public companies only)
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_TICKER Ticker Company identifier for the stock exchange the company is in (for public companies only)
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_STATUS Status Company status, such as operating, out of business, acquired, etc.
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_FOLLOWERS Followers Number of followers for company
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_FOUNDED Year Founded Year the company was founded
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_END_YEAR End Year Year the company was closed or acquired
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_SPECIALTIES Specialties List of specialties for company
LINKEDIN_PROFILE_EMAIL_DOMAINS Email Domains Company's email domains

The following screenshot shows a layout created based on the LINKEDIN_COMPANY_LAYOUT layout type with some of the company profile fields configured:

ExtraView Design Center

Note: Any profile fields that do not contain any information as reported by LinkedIn are suppressed from display in the profile content section. Therefore, if you don't see the field you've configured on the layout appear in the profile content on the Add or Edit screens, then it is because there was no data returned for that field from LinkedIn (the profile doesn't contain the information, or the information is restricted in the member's public profile).