LinkedIn Integration Setup

Add LinkedIn Application

In order to use the LinkedIn integration, you must create a new Application on the LinkedIn Developer Network.

  1. Go to the LinkedIn Developer Network site.
  2. Hover the mouse over the account name in the upper right corner and click the API Keys selection.
  3. Follow the prompts to get to the List of Applications page.
  4. Click on the Add New Application link.
  5. Complete the Add New Application form with all required fields. The following values are recommended for the fields indicated:
    Field Value
    Application Name ExtraView Integration
    Description Application for use with ExtraView integration
    JavaScript API Domain Enter the full domain name of your ExtraView server (e.g.,
    Live Status Live
    Agreement Language Browser Locale Setting
  6. Click on the Add Application button.
  7. Once the application is added successfully, make a note of the API Key value listed on the Application Details page. This value will be needed when configuring ExtraView.

Deploy ExtraView Files

The LinkedIn integration functionality depends on the following components to be deployed into your ExtraView server environment. Please obtain all the files listed below from the ExtraView Support team. For the purpose of this document, the <evj> directory refers to the installation location of your ExtraView web application.

Custom Search Images

The following image files need to be installed in the <evj>/images/ directory:


Custom JavaScript

The custom Javascript file, UserJavaScript.js, located in the <evj>/javascript/user_javascript/ directory must be updated with the integration JavaScript code. If your ExtraView site does not already have customer-specific JavaScript code, then the UserJavaScript.js file can simply be replaced with the copy of file you received from ExtraView Support. Otherwise, the JavaScript file provded must be merged into the existing UserJavaScript.js file. Please contact ExtraView Support if you require assistance with this task.

Custom Java

Custom Java code implemented in file LinkedinIntegration.class must be installed in the <evj>/WEB-INF/classes/com/extraview/usercustom/ directory, and the Behavior Setting named USER_CUSTOM_CLASSNAME must be set to com.extraview.usercustom.LinkedinIntegration As with custom JavaScript, if your site already has customer-specific Java code implemented, then this code must be merged with the existing user custom code, and the code must then be recompiled. Contact ExtraView Support if you require assistance with this step.

ExtraView Configuration

Edit the ExtraView configuration file, which is found in the WEB-INF/Configuration directory, and add the following setting on a separate line using the LinkedIn Application API Key value generated above:


Note: After deploying all files and editing the configuration, the ExtraView application server must be re-started in order for the integration code to take effect.