Controlling Workflow

Within all installations the workflow is highly controllable.  Indeed, you may set up many workflows that are truly independent of each other, with each being contained within a single Business Area and Project, or workflows that are the same across all Projects within a Business Area.  At the same time the workflow can be dependent upon the role of the user who is currently accessing the database - endless possiblities!

Here are some of the most important ways you have to control workflow:

  • A STATUS field is typically configured for each workflow item within a Business Area and / or Project.  The STATUS field may have any values set by the administrator
    • The individual STATUS values are configurable within Administration, by going to the Site Configuration section, then to the Data Dictionary
    • The ability to move from one STATUS value to another is also controlled by Business Rules.  These are configured at Administration --> Site Configuration --> Setup and Maintain Business and Email Rules
    • There is the ability to move from one STATUS value to another under control of Status Change Rules.  These are set within Administration --> Site Configuration --> Status Change Rules.  Different Business Areas and different Projects may use different values for the STATUS field and may follow different status rules
  • Different values within fields can be controlled by Allowed Values, configured at Administration --> Site Configuration --> Allowed Value Types and Combinations.  These allow you to define relationships between fields within issues so that only valid child values are chosen after the selection of a parent value
  • Business Rules are created using a scripting language which allow you to programatically assign values in any way you determine.  There is a vast number of ways in which these rules can interact with your data and workflow
  • Permissions can be used to determine which fields are visible and / or are updatable by any user role for any field
  • Different add and edit layouts can be invoked for any combination of Business Area, Project and user role.  Thus different screens with different workflow options can be presented for any of these combinations
    • You may create layout cell attributes for fields on these layouts.  The layout cell attributes have a wide range of logic options that can be set, for example to make fields read-only under some circumstances, invisible under other circumstances and required under yet other circumstances
    • Within any add or edit layout, different sections of the layouts may be hidden or displayed according to the logic set