This action creates a new user in the ExtraView database.



&security_user_id =userID





You must always provide security_user_id, security_password, first_name, last_name and email as fields.

If the ExtraView application default named ENFORCE_DETAILED_USER_INFO has a value of YES, then the COMPANY_NAME, ADDRESS_LINE1, CITY, STATE, POSTAL_CODE and WORK_TELEPHONE must be provided.

The command will fail if the security_user_id already exists.

You must have update permission to the security key named SE_SECURITY_USER before you can execute the command.

The optional access_token parameter allows you to use a valid OAuth2 token obtained with the get_token command.  If you provide the access_token parameter, then the user_id and password parameters should not be provided.  This prevents the password being sent in clear text over your network connection.