User Groups

User Groups are composed of any number of ExtraView users. These users may be added to a named user group in an arbitrary way. They do not need to connected in any way such as belonging to the same user role. Once a user group has been formed there are specific actions that can be taked with the user group. At this time, these actions are:

  • Reports can be saved so that they are shared among the members of a user group
  • Future release of ExtraView will extend this list.

Managing User Groups

With the use of the SR_REPORT_GROUP security permission key, there is control over access to user groups. Without write access to this permission key, end users are not able to save reports to be shared by a user group, and are not able to see the Manage User Groups button on the Report screen. The permission key that controls administrative access to the Manage User Groups function in the Operational Tasks tab of administration is named CF_USER_GROUP.

The Manage User Groups function looks similar to both end users and to administrators. However, end users may create and manage user groups and then have control over these user groups, but not user groups created by other end users. The Manage User Groups function for administrators allows the complete management of all user groups.