ExtraView Starter App

ExtraView is a Web-based issue management and workflow system designed for organizations that need to track product and service issues, manage product requirements, improve team communication, increase the efficiency of core processes and much more.

This document covers the use of ExtraView in a pre-configured solution called EVStarter. Note that administrative functions are covered in the ExtraView Administration Guide. This guide covers the basic end-user aspects of getting started and using EVStarter.

Linking worldwide functional teams, this starter ExtraView solution collects and routes bugs, customer support issues, and knowledgebase items in one easy-to-use web-based system. ExtraView represents and enforces your workflow and processes without the need for expensive programming and time-consuming setup. The starter solution may be modified to meet the needs of your company.

ExtraView’s intuitive operability and easy customization allows developers, engineers, quality assurance personnel, and others to devote their time to resolving immediate product development issues instead of spending their time implementing and maintaining costly, unwieldy, or poorly integrated internal tracking systems.

In addition to creating and maintaining internal processes and workflow for greater efficiency, ExtraView can also empower your customers and partners. ExtraView makes it easy to provide limited data views so that customers and other outside users can submit issues, track issues, and verify resolutions without compromising the security of internal issues.

First Steps

You have a wealth of options available to you when you use ExtraView. First time users should follow these steps to become productive as quickly as possible:

  • Sign on to ExtraView using the ADMIN account, and the initial password of Welcome
  • Click on the Admin button in the navigation bar at the top of the screen, then click on the tab Operational Tasks and then choose the link to User Account Maintenance. Edit the ADMIN account, and change the password to your own selection. Please remember the new password you enter. Change the Company name of the ADMIN user to your company name and the click Update User
  • Create a new user account for your personal use. You should not use the ADMIN account except when directed for support purposes. If you are a member of ExtraView Corporation's 5-Free program, the ADMIN account does not count towards one of the 5 free licenses you are authorized to use. You create a new account by clicking the Add a new user link and following the steps, ending by clicking the Submit button
  • Sign off and sign on again with the account you just created
  • Set your company name in the Behavior Settings screen. Click Admin on the navigation bar, click Site Configuration on the tabs, then select the Behavior Settings link. Scan down to the the COMPANY_NAME entry and double-click on the name, replacing it with the name of your company. Update the entry.

You can now explore your ExtraView Starter App! Enjoy the experience and contact us for help.

Next Steps

These steps provide suggestions on how to customize ExtraView to your requirements and begin using the app. Only brief information is given here, please use the documentation if you require more in-depth help.

  • Upload an image as your company logo -- Admin, Initial Setup, Upload your Company Logo
  • Add additional users -- Admin, Operational Tasks, User Account Maintenance
  • Add values to the selection lists -- Admin, Operational Tasks, Manage List Values
  • Add some sample issues -- Add
  • User Query to find these issues -- Query, Run Report
  • Update these issues -- Use the Edit button on the reports
  • Decide if you'd prefer a different theme for the app -- Admin, Initial Setup, User Interface Themes
  • Set these behavior settings for your company - EMAIL_ADMINISTRATOR_USER_ID, EMAIL_CONTACT_ADMINISTRATOR, EMAIL_FROM_USER_ID. There are many more that you might set later to optimize your installation.