Test Case Management

This section describes the ExtraView Test Case Management solution. This documentation section describes how the solution works, how it is implemented and describes how you may alter the implementation for your own needs. The reader should be familiar with ExtraView concepts, and with ExtraView configuration, as described in the End User Guide and the Administration Guide.

Test Case Management Process

The basics are:

  • You build a library of test cases
  • You create any number of test plans, and add any number of test cases to each of these test plans
  • You access the test cases within a test plan, and add test results to the test cases
  • If a test result is a failure, you can optionally create an engineering bug within the bug tracking area from the failure.
  • Querying and Reporting are available at any time, including metric-based reports to show the quality of results

Test Case Management Process

In the above diagram, you can see each of the above steps. The test cases are children of a test plan, and the test results are the children of the test cases. The Test Case Management solution is described being integrated with the ExtraView Bug Tracking solution. It is straightforward to integrate with any other ExtraView configuration, and can be integrated with other third-party tools.