Tab Selections

Depending on your user role permissions, and how your particular instance of ExtraView is configured for your particular companies needs, there may be different Tabs available, with different possibilities. Listed are a few of the more common choices.

Computers / Assets

This is designed to obtain all the necessary information if the problem being reported concerns the Requestor’s computer equipment, especially if it concerns one of the corporate software applications in the App. Affected list.

Computers/Assets Tab

New Employee

This tab is designed to obtain all the necessary information regarding a new employee to a company.

New Employee Tab


This tab obtains all the necessary information if the issue being reported concerns the employee’s phone equipment.

Telecom Tab


If a network related issue if being addressed, this tab is used to gather the information.

Network Tab

Other Issues

This tab is the catch all for any other type of issue being reported.

Other Issues Tab


There are two basic roles that are involved with the workflow of a Helpdesk issue. These are the IT Support role and the IT Support Manager role. As shown in the following matrix, the IT Support person can create new issues and move them to the Open status, and they can fix an issue. They may mark the issue as Fixed at the time they answer the initial call, or after opening the issue and returning to it. The IT Support person cannot Close issues, as this is the responsibility of the IT Support Manager. Of course, the system administrator may change this!

IT Support workflow

The IT Support Manager may follow the same workflow as the IT Support personnel, and they can also Close issues. They may also Open a Closed issue if necessary.

IT Support Manager workflow